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My work centers around contrast. There is no easier way to put it. Being a digital artist, I am exploring newer media, not bound by paint or ink, and at the same time, able to still use their techniques. I enjoy mixing the forms of grunge and paint with the simplicity of vector art. I enjoy setting a dynamic mood through studio lighting in real world situations and through the use of shaders and light maps in a virtual environment.

Stemming from a strong background in photography, I have always looked at the importance of mood, whether it is established by sheer black on white contrast, color clashes, or the use of a more monochromatic palette. Upon expanding into 3D modeling, I developed a forte for mood development based in my real world experience as a photographer. I have a particular interest in expanding art into games and animations through lighting. My 2D illustrations, graphic design, and web work also all draw on my interest in mood through color and contrast. I enjoy using vibrant saturated hues with stark white and black to push the edges of contrast, yet at the same time, a soft monochromatic set of pastels or muted colors can calm that same edge right down. Therein lies the contrast between pieces.

My work is meant to express mood. I know a work is finished when it breeds that desired mood into those who see it. I frequently reflect on old works, my own and others, as I put a new piece together. I pull the work apart, bit by bit, breaking it down into pieces of the mood it evoked, reworking them all into a new piece with its own life, feelings, and color. Expression is artistic. Arrangement is a careful and expressive process. Simple changes in placement can create drastic swings in mood. I keep that in mind in everything I create and try to make sure my pieces show it.


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